San Diego Tango Marathon

18-20 August 2023

Planes & Trains

The Main Venue - La Vie Dance and Culture is across the street from Tecolate Road Station   on the Blue Line of our light rail known as The Trolley.

Dancers who fly to San Diego can connect to the trolley system by taking the airport city bus (992 - the only city bus at the airport) to the Santa Fe Depot Trolley Station. Dancers ariving by train will arrive at Santa Fe Depot Train Station, co-located with the trolley stop.

There are numerous hotels one trolley stop away from the main venue.

The best way to purchase tickets for the airport bus and light rail is with the Pronto App  . They accept cash too.

The San Diego Trolley reaches from the Mexican Border to UCSD and Eastern San Diego County. If you want to take a quick trip to Mexico, take the blue line to the Mexican Border, and walk across. Be sure to bring your passport.

Google Maps   is the best way to check the transit schedule.


Both Uber & Lyft have service in San Diego.

If you are driving there is plentiful street parking in front of the venue. Additional parking is available at the Tecolate Road Trolley Station   parking lot.