We Are Back!

San Diego Tango Marathon

19-21 August 2022

Guerrilla Fountain Tango / Picnic

Friday, 19 Aug, 3-6pm

In Waterfront Park (Map   )

Across from the Star of India

Waterfront Park

A low key, free, unofficial meet and greet, and a chance to dance in the fountains next to the San Diego Harbor and the Star of India tall ship. This is open everyone: all tango dancers, attending the marathon or not, and anyone who just wants to watch.

This park is across the street from the San Diego Tango Festival venue, the Wyndham San Diego Bayside.

We will provide light picnic snacks and tango music from a boom box with Sofia curating the music. Feel free to bring something to share. Alcohol is not permitted in the park.

The fountain is only a few inches deep, and has a soft rubber surface for children; this makes pivots difficult, so bring your best Milonguero Style game. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a beach towel and a bathing suit (or at least shorts) would be a good idea. If you don't want to dance in the water, there is grass and the sidewalk, but.... why?

Getting There
Bus/Trolley Information

If you are arriving from the Airport, the City Airport Bus (992) has a stop just 2 minutes walk from where we are meeting: get off at the stop by the tall ship (North Harbor and Ash ) and walk towards the fountains. If you are arriving on the Blue Line Trolley, we are one block west of the County Center/Little Italy Station  - walk downhill towards the harbor, and left of the County Center building, through the playground.

If you are coming via ride share, go to the corner of N Harbor Dr and W Ash St  . For those who drive their own cars, there is a parking garage under the park, accessible from W Ash St, and metered parking available along the harbor front, but can be scarce.

Video by Sarah Sutter