We Are Back!

San Diego Tango Marathon

19-21 August 2022

Summertime Tango in San Diego!

Enjoy a beautiful tango vacation in San Diego, America's Finest City! Cool sea breezes and warm embraces.

Role balanced, attendance capped.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required.

New beautiful venue with evening dances under the stars.

Sunset milonga / bonfire on the beach on Mission Bay.

Friday Earlybird picnic/guerrilla tango in Waterfront Park, for everyone.

Great DJs.

Very close to our light rail. Easy access from the airport. No need to rent a car. There are several hotels one stop away on the light rail. Ample parking nearby for those who drive.

Close to a wide range of hotels from luxury to budget.

Abundant event food, gourmet coffee, and lots of culinary surprises!

Just dancing. No classes or shows...