San Diego Tango Marathon

16-18 August 2024

People who make it happen

Picture of Brick

Brick Robbins


This is the fourth edition of the San Diego Tango Marathon. We came back after the pandemic with a totally reimagined event due to all the changes in our city's infrastructure, and we made an better event. This year we are fine tuning a few things, to bring you a more incredible experience, showcasing America's Finest City which we call home, and hoping to show you even more of it.

I've been involved in tango for a couple of decades and organize, teach and DJ locally and around the country. My work at festivals and marathons as a DJ and sound engineer gives me the ability to feed my tango addiction and attend a lot of events. I've tried to take the best ideas from these diverse celebrations and incorporate them into the San Diego Tango Marathon. With enormous help from my co-conspirators and volunteers, we think we have made something unique and special for you.

We hope you enjoy our beloved "America's Finest City."

Brick Robbins

Picture of Amercia

America Mauhar

Venue Owner and Artistic Muse

America is co-owner of our main venue, La Vie Dance and Culture, which she crafted to be the home of the longest running milonga in San Diego Milonga sin Nombre. She is also the organizer of the famous New Years San Diego Tango Festival.

Her artistic vision, and practical experience has been invaluable in creating our summer Marathon.

Olga Khokhlova

Olga Khokhlova

Volunteer Coordinator and Cat Herder

She is an extremely talented "people person" who manages the army of volunteers who are the ones who actually make the Marathon happen.

She is also the pianist in our Southern California orquesta Los Angeles del Tango.

She likes tequila.

If you would like to volunteer to help with the marathon, contact her at